Saturday, December 16, 2006

children and the enlightened

I have been spending a lot of time with my cousin's kids ( as well as rhea a while ago..beens and malls daughter ) last couple of days, and it is so amazing the way they behave. They smile, cry, jump, go crazy, sleep so well ..And they way the smile and laugh is so much from the heart, it melts me totally.

As they say, children have a dead mind. happen to interest them only till they last...Everything is right now and every action is spontaneous. How can i just totally be like them...Just be i guess !!....The mind wants a how to...trying to make a howto concept, which would keep it safe and happy "Always"....uhhh...there i go conceptualising the concept recursively..what else can my mind do .....and let me ignore it and be...and smile like a kid and go crazy and weird.

time to play soccer with srinidhi
tons of love and kisses ...

Saturday, December 02, 2006


The universe or or reality or existence is a result of different combinations of subject and object relationships.

In the so called daily life, the object is apparently indepenendent of the subject. When we are not observing , we presume the existence of an object there. My house exists when i am not looking at or the world exists when I am sleeping. This is the newtonian world of reality , but it is only an appoximate sense of reality. The reality which is closer to truth would be the quantum reality.

When you have a closer interplay of subject and object where the subject is creating the realtiy , you have the quantum reality. In the quantum world ,the presence of the subject creates the object. The reality is created through observation. The act of observation creates the subject and object. This merges its boundaries with the transcendental reality below.

When there is NO subject and only object ( ie when there is no I ) or where there is ONLY subject and no object ( Only I and no universe ) , you have a transcendental reality. You are either everything or You are nothing ( Brahman consicousness - the sages ). This state is a physical nothing and there is nothing to talk about . This is the nothing from which the act of doing something emerged ( like a thought? ) which creates the so called universe we agree upon. ( Do we ? )

also you are nothing-> you are everything and vice versa.