Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is the night here yet ?

Enough is enough . I need to get out of this prison once for all, to be done with all the suffering. Enough of theories and consolations. The pain is unbearable. Time to leave. I believe in my theory so much as i want to die to to it prove it right even posthumously . Who is complaining ? Who is crying ? Who am i ? What the heck is this mind ? Life flows between these opposites. Hope and despair . Let it all go !! It is amazing that after seeing myself in everyone and everything, the sorrow and obsession and the individuality still must be able to continue !! Let it go !! I want to fly forever in a sky with no boundaries !! And there i create my shackles on my feet again !! Enough of this dance of life . I want to rest in thy arms once and for all. Time to dissolve in the peace of myself and sleep in my own arms forever..with all the coziness and comfort and being rocked to back to sleep for eternity with all the love !! Oh Lord, when will my neediness stop ? Gratitude for all the love ever. With tears of pain, love , contentment and completeness.


Anonymous Sreekanth said...

now this is interesting..i dont knw the theories ur talking abt..but i ve these kind of thoughts myself at times..but diff is i dont have any theories to prove nor that i feel complete and grateful to all..all the time..but im eager to go to the next level..coz looking at life..i cant figure out a purpose of life or even if i have one..knowingly or unknowingly;doesnt seem to make much of difference to me or to anyone around me..except maybe in silly day to day activities..that too for some time..and someone else will fill my place..or the nature will find a replacement for me in its course..

maybe im override this life and go someplace else..but i think its fine :)

3:12 AM  

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