Monday, August 03, 2009

It all started like any other morning . Joe returned to his desk after a hot cup of decaf. He had the usual lousy morning, a tussle with wife at home, marathon run towards the train station in the cold rain . And an early morning meeting with his boss Larry . " A week is all what we got , actually 6 days. They need it by this saturday night !!" . "This saturday night? Dude arent we not talking about an universe here? " .
Larry : "Ok , so how much time ? "
Joe : " I really need a couple of weeks with unit test".
Larry : " We can fix the bugs later, i just need a prototype by saturday evening, we can put in features late , I already commited. "

Joe: "Lets talk about the requirements more clearly ?"
Larry : "Well the usual. Set of people , life , space time , evolving stuff "

Joe :" hmm..can i use python ? "
Larry : "Whatever..we dont really care about performance here".
Larry " I am sure you love this job !! you get to play God !!"

Joe wasnt particularly thrilled about being God. He really didnt care. He really didnt care a lot for the people in the universe he created. Not that he was mean or anything . He was really sincere about his work and he did a great job to maintain it too. But as a creater , you really dont care. Most of the prayers and stuff are automated. And served on the basis of a random number generator. And a framework is in place to make sure that ignoring prayers didnt really matter. Enough religious stuff about prayers and faith is part of the whole deal .

Joe has done this before. He has a model which he tweeks often to create universe. Throw in a lot of parameters, do a lot of feasiblity tests, and test for a couple of weeks, you are good to go. "i shall use gravity as a primal force this time. I love things and people falling down". Joe had to make sure that he obfuscates the code so that people dont find out the secrets of creation. At the same time, he had to expose enough so that scientists have fun. So he put the obfuscated quantum logic in the center and easy gravity stuff for long distances. The deal is that ultimately there is nothing to know, all the pain and lack of fun is supposedly fun . Anyways Joe didnt care a lot for the people but more about doing the right job.


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