Monday, February 18, 2008


Every time i become a victim of my feelings and acting unconsciously i am being a product of my karma. According to my wisdom and the need of the hour, i intent on doing something. But i am not able to do it because i just don't feel like it or do something else unplanned unconsciously . This is stupidity and falling under the weight of karma. And this is a vicious circle, as more you fall under the grip of karma, the denser the karma becomes. On the other hand, you can cut the karma with your awareness. You become aware of the feeling , but fight it back according to your will. And the more you exercise your will the more willpower you get. And this independent will, the purushartha is the sword to cut your karma. The daily life is a great opportunity to slowly realize that the only problem to fight is your own mind and attitudes. And there is no problem "out there". We can always choose to act according to our inner wisdom. The more we exercise our will, the more our circle of influence becomes and the more powerful we become. Hence it is important to be watchful of our negative tendencies. And when we see something negative in us, there is nothing to feel bad but we have all the reasons to feel happy , because we get an opportunity to remove it . The fact that the the only kurukshetra to be fought is within gives us such tremendous freedom. We are responsible for our own freedom and happiness and not factors outside. The more we smartly deal with our negativities with our awareness and independent will the more powerful we become. And the whole journey is being watchful and being peaceful during the whole road, constantly fighting the battle within and at the same time being peaceful knowing that all is .

loads of love ...