Tuesday, April 22, 2008

self obsession :)

Krishna incarnated as chaitanya mahaprabhu so that love of krishna could be imparted to people. Gosh, isn't that the height of self obsession ? When Krishna was asked to comment, it seems he causally remarked "yeah it happens when the whole universe is sort of me alone.....also i was a bit bored" .


Clarity !!

From time immemorial , the great grand old debate has been happening with the philosophers ..Is the supreme truth impersonal or personal ? Is God personal or impersonal? Though Advaita acharya Shankara himself had put an end to this by exhorting to chant the holy name of Govinda to the seekers for self realization and Krishna asserted in Gita that "I am the Brahman", and Ramana clarified that there is no difference between love and knowledge, the followers continued arguing with each other. Even today you see facebook groups like this where you have vehement arguments. http://uta.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13442635099

Personally i have been going through this too as well in my search of truth . A conflict between Shiva and krishna, between the impersonal and personal, Ramana and Chaitanya, the grandeur of the non duality vs the melting love of krishna. And my Guru is too smart and least bothered about any intellectual and philosophical issues ( enlightenment has its own issues you see :) ). Anyways, maybe thanks to His Grace, finally it all came to end for me this weekend and the clarity dawned. I have been a regular visitor at the Ramana maharshi temple and have experienced deep rest and peace in the company of truth in the Advaita discourses. And this weekend i happened to visit the Krishna temple and experienced this ecstatic devotion and love. And finally , the resolve is this : With all things being equal, Krishna wins hands down for me with such amazingly tasty food at the temple . ( Well Ramana temple didnt even have food )...Well now thats whats I call clarity !!