Friday, November 03, 2006

my first blog too got a blog...yep..i am going to be presence would exist on this plant till the end of cosmic dissolution......hey by the way, when you read this it is possible that cosmic dissolution is watch out....for those dark clouds across the window..

hmm..the reason i start a not that i can post regular stuff that can excite people...but one of the reasons is that i do get beautiful thoughts..and i feel a bit constipated if i don't write them down.....this constipation applies both for beauty as well as pain.....there were times when life was so beautiful i just had to pen them down ..tell someone etc.....these days it is of a much lesser degree...and sometimes pain..some time beauty......may be i am rambling....ok ok.. .i am not running on chemicals now..not even black coffee... trust me..

uh..sigh..i don’t know what to write thing i wonder about good blogging or any piece of good writings. Do the writers really care whether it's for an audience...or the way..i am digressing and wandering….the blog must be a good example of a wandering mind..coz i am uncommitted with no plan for the it can go anywhere ...mostly stupid places...may be like anti bush or microsoft bashing...but as they say all those who wander are not lost...

..I also plan to start a private blog just for me ..( may be this one is that if i dont send this link to people ) ..for the catharsis of my deep existential angst which is a parcel of graduate education..the ups and downs of a life of a monk....and the joy i get from being spiritually well as the pain i get when i am not...things which are deeply personal to me...and i may not have a friend around to tell them....i could write all that stuff in here.....oops am i doing that right now?

Hmm....sometimes I also want to tell the world so much.. I want to be this Guru who would want to give jnan to this place could be that as well....well not now.....i have clothes to wash and code to write before it is night..

hey i can also write my todo lists the fact that i am running short of undies .. as i have a two week wash schedule..and hence i can remind my self here to buy myself more undies...oops i finally started loving writing..i have a reason to blog...

back to the good times...there was some point of time when life was so beautiful that i fancied writing a book and stuff...but life has taken a turning point in which i need to do a good job at writing good research papers with proofs and stuff.. first blog...i may never dare to publish this..and this great piece of writing might be buried in the blogspot server making it impossible for the people who are around the cosmic dissolution, to have something to feel happy for..

the future version of this blog shall answer some of my existential questions like i happy being a graduate student etc, are the undies cheap if i buy them online etc..

Love and peace for everyone out there...( watch out for those clouds outside though )......

.may everyone in the world be peaceful always..

om shanti..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome to the infectious, free world of blogging!!!

2:40 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...


Hello Hello! I'm not sure why i blog...i try to write about me, then this fear overcomes me and i post a quote instead! i might be a little nutty.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

OH! i wanted to mention the title of your blog!!! It hit me so funny! LOL love it! :-D

9:48 AM  

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